Petition Opposing Historic Designation for Bloomingdale

An application to designate Bloomingdale a historic district is pending before DC’s Historic Preservation Review Board with a vote expected in the next few months.

Many neighbors oppose designation because of the expense and hassle it will add to many home renovations — like replacing windows or repairing roofs. At a time when rising costs in Bloomingdale already make it difficult for low-income residents and seniors to stay in the neighborhood, we can’t afford to make it more expensive.

If you share our concerns, please join us by signing the petition below.

For more information on the downsides to historic designation, see our longer blog post on the topic here.


To Members of the ANC 5E and DC Historic Preservation Review Board,

As a neighbor, I’m concerned about the potential adverse impacts historic designation could have on Bloomingdale and the lack of clear community consensus around this nomination. As such, I oppose the current application to designate Bloomingdale a historic district, and I encourage ANC 5E members to vote against supporting the application and for the HPRB to deny nomination.

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