Sign the Petition to DDOT: Don’t Water Down 1st St Traffic Calming

In response to years of safety concerns from Bloomingdale residents, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has unveiled a traffic calming plan to help reduce speeding and stop sign violations by drivers on 1st St NW. The plan will install curb extensions on all nine intersections from Florida Ave to Bryant St to narrow the road and give pedestrians a shorter crosswalk.

But one Bloomingdale ANC commissioner wants DDOT to exempt the intersections of R and Randolph in her district in order to (temporarily) save 2 illegal parking spots. (DDOT says they likely ultimately will be removed anyway even if the intersections are exempted).

Commissioner Karla Lewis says that “none of the residents” supported this traffic calming plan, but that’s obviously untrue. We need neighbors to speak up and show DDOT that Commissioner Lewis doesn’t speak for all of Bloomingdale.

Sign our petition to tell DDOT we want traffic calming on ALL 9 First Street intersections — no exemptions. The safety of thousands of neighbors is more important than two parking spots.

Add your name below and we’ll send your signature and comments on to DDOT! Plus we’ll keep you informed of any updates.

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